Tuesday, July 5

Vero Boquete announces his departure from Milan

LSpanish international footballer Vero Boquete announced his departure from AC Milan, a club in which he has stayed for the last fourteen months and in which in recent times he was not counting on the confidence of his coach, Maurizio Ganz.

“Not the best situation, but leaving is the best solution. It was a privilege to wear this jersey and defend these colors. I can only thank Milan and the fans for the opportunity and their affection, “explained the 34-year-old Galician midfielder in a message posted on her social networks.

She admitted that the last few weeks “have not been easy” for her and considered that “it’s hard to work when people only listen to respond and not to understand and improve “.

“This being the case, it is best to close this phase and start a new one where they allow me to be on the pitch and enjoy football, “adds Boquete, thanking the Italian club and fans for the opportunity and affection received during his time in the team.” Football will unite us again, “he concludes.

Blowjob signed for AC Milan on November 9, 2020 after his last experience in the United States with the Utah Royals, after having also played in Spain, Russia, Sweden, Germany, France and Asia.


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