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Streamer lashes out at the trend of reacting to movies and series on Twitch | Levelup

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There is no doubt that Twitch is a highly competitive space, so content creators find it necessary to follow certain trends to stay current. A new trend, however, has already managed to become the subject of criticism and opened a heated debate about the flexibility of the platform’s rules. Amid the controversy, a popular streamer gave his strong opinion.

Twitch’s new trend: react to series and movies

Specifically, Sodapoppin, who currently has 3.2 million followers on the Amazon platform, lashed out at streamers who react to TV shows, series and movies on their live broadcasts. This is because such material is copyrighted and, in theory, its reproduction is prohibited.

So far, it appears that the vast majority of users who stream such content and are part of the trend have yet to receive a DMCA complaint. At this, Sodapoppin could not bear the anger and asked for changes on Twitch.

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“When someone expands on content, most people have to follow suit because [Twitch] it is a competitive space. And now everyone watches TV shows. They’re watching TV shows, man! And I have to compete against that ”.

Subsequently, the content creator said that he wants all users involved in fashion to receive some copyright claim. Mind you, think that people should still be able to react to certain YouTube videos like video game trailers, etc.

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“That will probably decimate Twitch and everyone, including me, will lose views. But yeah, I want to watch the world burn. I like that kind of thing, “concluded Sodapoppin.

This week, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, head of creator development at Twitch, addressed the controversy, saying that reacting to and streaming movies, series and TV shows is not okay and may merit a sanction from the DMCA. In addition, he said that, in his personal opinion, he believes that it will be a matter of time before streamers who react to that content begin to receive punishments.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you agree with Sodapoppin? Let us read you in the comments.

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