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Sonic Frontiers was due to arrive in 2021, but was delayed for good reason | Levelup

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SEGA fans have high expectations of Sonic Frontiers, the new adventure of the iconic blue hedgehog. The wait will be quite long, as the title for consoles and PC will arrive until the end of this year, on a date yet to be confirmed.

According to a recent leak, the title could arrive in mid-November, so there is a long wait ahead. Now we know that this could have been very different, as SEGA revealed that the title was originally planned for 2021, but decided to delay it for a reason that fans will appreciate.

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SEGA delayed Sonic Frontiers many months to meet expectations

During a question and answer session with investors, it was revealed that Sonic Frontiers it was one of the planned releases for the saga’s 30th anniversary celebrations. However, the project was not ready on time.

SEGA acknowledged that the game was going to debut last year, but ultimately decided to delay it. The reason? Meet expectations and further improve the overall quality of the game. The company stated that this has been one of its primary goals throughout development.

For this reason, he hopes that Sonic Frontiers be a standout title in terms of quality and make the fans happy. The study also revealed that its development has involved facing many new challenges.

“We have been constantly conducting analysis to improve the quality of the title before launch, such as introducing game tests based on external evaluations, and we have a feeling that it will turn out to be a good game and we have high expectations for it.” SEGA pointed out.

Finally, the commercial expectations of the new installment were discussed. Expected to exceed the number of sales for the first year of Sonic Forces and that it becomes a commercially important delivery for the entire franchise.

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Sonic Frontiers It will debut in late 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can find more news related to the series by visiting this page.

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