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Rehearsal venue, who will have the best group? • Console and Dashboard

Test room He proposes us to give life to the dream of many adolescents (and many adults): to create a group. To our misfortune, competition may be crucial to the outcome … This board game is immersed in a campaign to seek funding in Verkami.


Test room It is presented as a card game of 2 to 6 participants, with competitions of 15 to 30 minutes, indicated from 7 years. It needs to raise 3,500 euros to become a reality.

Its price during the campaign is 15 euros, in a reward that includes the game. Shipments to the Peninsula must be purchased separately, with a price of 5 euros (unless we can pick it up in Cádiz or Jerez de la Frontera). During the campaign, bracelets, badges, puzzles, personalized letters or beers can also be purchased.

The launch is set for March 2022. For now, the details of the project are discovered. It makes us the leader of a group, in search of the highest score. Our moment has come, but also that of other bands, who will do everything possible to succeed.

To achieve the goal, there will be no choice but to step on the opponents and avoid their ruthless plans. During the turn, we will have three cards in hand. We can place one in the rehearsal room to add it to the group or discard all that we want, until we have three.

One local will be complete when you have a conductor, a leaflet and a second, in the front row, and two strings, a snare and a bass drum in the back. The color system will be basic to guide us. The opponents will carry out transfers and eliminate foreign components.

His managers define him as a ‘filler’, guaranteeing the simplicity of the rules. It consists of 20 component charts and 20 instrument charts. They are completed with 25 jokers. It bears the signatures of Álvaro Merchán and Jesús García, with Sergio Hervás in charge of the layout.

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