Thursday, July 7

New Haunted Chocolatier Details Revealed • Console and Dashboard

A few months ago, Eric Barone (ConcernedApe) announced Haunted Chocolatier. The creator of the successful Stardew Valley He had a new project underway, of which he himself has confirmed new details.


We knew from this title that it was in a very early stage of development. The idea of ​​its creator was to allow us to explore beyond the everyday, unlike its previous game.

We would have a “delicious” adventure, with its haunted castle and its ghosts, represented by a positive story. We would collect ingredients and make chocolate, running a chocolate shop. Thanks to an interview on Vgkami, new details are discovered.

Barone himself explains that the game is being created from scratch, as it happened with Stardew Valley. It is the way to give life to a different proposal, although taking advantage of its ten years of experience.

Compare the development process with that of assembling a computer, since until everything is finished, it is not known if it will work. For now, you prefer not to worry about the impact it may have on the community. “I just want to make a game that I’m happy with,” he says.

The new one will have more elements of action and role, with more complex combat mechanics. It will be based on the classics in two dimensions, with the challenge of capturing the essence and providing significant novelties. Will be intuitive and simple, but deep.

To the joy of lovers of relations, there will still be. Barone has not yet decided how the system will work, but it is confirmed. Regarding updates to Stardew Valley, He does not want to promise anything, or terminate it, although he assures that he does not think it is necessary to add more.

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