Monday, June 27

Juan Figer, the agent of impossible transfers, dies

Juan Figer (86 years old) died on the afternoon of December 31 in Sao Paulo, the city in which I built and model a way to shape player transfers, relationships with footballers and clubs. Able to be an entrepreneur when no one dreamed of the transfers of players from the American continent to Europe, Figer laid the foundations of what the market has been in the last 50 years. “There are no impossible transfers,” he repeated over and over again.

Everything It began with the transfer of Pablo Forln (father of Diego, player of Villarreal and Atltico among other teams) from Pearol to Sao Paulo in exchange for $ 80,000. Uruguayan by birth, Juan Figer knew that the path of football would go through the journey of footballers from South America to Europe. In fact, for many years it was the bridge chosen by the great clubs of the old continent until 1,000 operations were completed.

Real Madrid was the Spanish club I worked with the most, but all come to him as a gateway to the always attractive Brazilian market. Beyond the operations themselves, on many occasions the consultations made by the leaders of the clubs were the point of all kinds of operations. For many years he had an office in Madrid, very close to the Bernabu.

“Of the Spaniards, the one I have done the most business with has been with Real Madrid. I have felt comfortable with all the presidents, but the one there is is very executive. Florentino Prez has made this activity a luxury, he has given us his friendship and it has made things easier. In Germany I stay with Bayer Leverkusen, “he pointed out to MARCA in his Sao Paulo office. Z Roberto, Baptista, Cicinho, Filipe Luis, Savio, Robinho… are some of the operations carried out directly or indirectly with Real Madrid. He even helped until the operation Neymar You cross the line of logic.

Now the Figer label will continue to be present in the world of football with its granddaughter Stephanie, her son Marcel and the rest of the family. The legacy of the one who was ahead of his time will remain in the history of football.

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