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It seems that the creator of SaGa is preparing a new game, a remaster and a remake | Levelup

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SaGa It’s not one of Square Enix’s biggest sagas, but it is one that has received a lot of support in recent years and it seems like that won’t stop. We say so since its creator ensures that he is preparing a new game, a remastering and even a remake.

Akitoshi Kawazu, creador de SaGa, made a post on Twitter to make it clear to us that he is very busy and will continue to do so in the future. What happens is that he is working hard to bring “good news” to all of us.

What does this mean? According Kotaku, that Kawazu is working on a remake, a remaster and a new installment of SaGa. Sadly there are no more details, but hopefully next year that will change.

Let’s remember that at the end of 2020 it debuted COLLECTION of SaGA FINAL FANTASY LEGEND, a collection that includes the first installments of the saga. This coupled with its most recent mobile launches show that Square Enix sees it as a franchise worth exploring.

So, for the moment, all that remains is to wait to learn more about what Kawazu and his team are up to. Hopefully it will be a delivery like the one that fans expect and that if a remake is made, that it will be from groups of their best titles.

And you, what do you expect from the future of SaGa? Tell us in the comments.

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