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ILL is a horror FPS made in Unreal Engine 5 that you have to keep track of | Levelup

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The independent world is full of interesting proposals. Unfortunately, some of them never get the attention they deserve. That’s why it never hurts to talk about them. For example, it recently caught our attention ILL, an indie horror that wants to make our hair stand on end.

ILL is a horror FPS developed by Team Clout, an independent studio with members in Canada and Russia that wants to make us cringe. On its social networks, the company has shown the project in action, showing us short previews and really grotesque concept arts.

In a small teaser they shared on Twitter, Team Clout boasts that ILL It is made in Unreal Engine 5. In the video we can see that the game looks visually glimpsed, especially when we consider that it is being developed by a small team.

We leave you the advance of ILL next:

Unfortunately there are not many more details about ILL. The game lacks a launch window and it is unknown what platforms they will reach. Surely it will arrive first on PC and if it is successful there later we could see it on consoles.

The good news is that there will be more news about ILL that will thrill. We say so since Team Clout is developing a playable demo. We will see who is the brave one who dares to try it.

What do you think about it ILL,? Are you excited for this horror project? Tell us in the comments.

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