Sunday, June 26

Good start for Carlos Sainz: second, close to Al-Attiyah




Nasser Al-Attiyah, Carlos Sainz and Sebastien Loeb. It could perfectly be the final podium of the Rally Dakar 2022 but it is only the qualifying of the first aperitif of the race, a prologue of just under 19 kilometers in which no conclusions can be drawn … except that Al-Attiyah has not changed his style.

Qatar scored the win in this first contact with the sand -which has already made its appearance today- and excelled in 12 seconds to Madrid, who completed his first kilometers without problems with his brand new Audi RS Q e-tron.

Al-Attiyah is therefore the primer lder of the race, although tomorrow he will not open the track since to win the prologue you can choose your starting position for the first stage, already over 337 kilometers. It should not be ruled out that he even opts to open the track since, although he could pay for it tomorrow, he would have a favorable position for the second day, the dreaded marathon.


Sainz was satisfied at the finish for having been able to complete this first little chapter of his history with Audi without complications: “We have simply tried to make a stage without problems and we are happy to have achieved it. We will see what happens this year,” he commented at the arrival of the special. His co-driver, Lucas Cruz, describe the day in more detail: “It was a first contact with the race, varied in surface area that I think will be a bit of the rage of the race. We are catching the air in the car a bit. The first day It has been well, We are happy. But it’s only 1% of the entire career. “

Loeb was left 37 seconds with his head, while his teammate at Prodrive, the Spaniard Nani Roma, finished provisional fifth at 49 seconds. Peterhansel, on the other hand, took the day more calmly. In fact, he used a totally different strategy: “Today the strategy was to ride slowly, calmly, check that everything was working properly and not get into the top ten,” explained the Frenchman at the end of the stage.

In fact, Monsieur Dakar has been left out of that top 10 that chooses the starting position, after giving up 1:12 with Al-Attiyah. Very small differences considering that 99% of the race is ahead.

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