Saturday, November 26

Fortnite welcomes Cobra Kai • Console and Dashboard

After some technical problems, Fortnite incorporates new features. They come in the form of martial arts, hand in hand with Cobra Kai. It is a succulent complement to the premiere of the fourth season, on Netflix.


On the occasion of the premiere of the new season of the series, martial arts fights come to Fortnite. This alliance is produced through the set Cobra Kai, inspired by that Netflix hit.

As Epic Games reports, we can already get hold of it through the item store. Now, what does it include? It consists of a total of ten suits and the gesture of the crane technique, among other content.

Each of the suits features three styles inspired by the dojos. So, we will switch from one to another at the box office to show our favorite: Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang or Miyagi-Do. Among the ten suits appear Karate Jones, with his defense of reality, and Glorious Crane, with his honor. They can be purchased as part of the set, individually, or as part of the KO Karate and Showdown bundles at the dojo.

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