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Demon’s Souls graphics on PS5 pushed to improve ELDEN RING | Levelup

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2022 is here and one of the most anticipated games of the year is coming soon. Of course we mean THE FIRE RING, what’s new from FromSoftware. Hidetaka Miyazaki knows that many are excited about his project, so he decided to reveal interesting aspects about its development.

To the surprise of some, the creative spoke about the remake of Demon’s Souls for PS5, as it had an impact on the creation of THE FIRE RING and in the team of developers in charge of its graphic appearance.

In addition, he confessed that he has not played the new version of his title. This may seem very strange to several of his fans, so the creative explained why he decided not to return to Demon’s Souls on the next-gen console.

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Miyazaki doesn’t prioritize graphics, but wants THE FIRE RING look good

In the most recent issue of the magazine EDGE (via VGC), Miyazaki accepted that the graphic section of Demon’s Souls for PS5 was added pressure for the team in charge of the look of THE FIRE RING.

The creative accepted that graphic quality has not been a priority in any of his projects, so other key aspects, such as playability, are always at the center. Despite this, FromSoftware has endeavored to ensure that THE FIRE RING look good and be attractive.

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“Graphic fidelity is not something we put as a top priority. What we ask for on the graphics side depends on the systems and requirements of the game itself, and has a lower priority compared to the other elements of development. So this is always an area where I feel a bit regretful with my graphics team because I know they work so hard. And they have worked very hard on Elden RingMiyazaki commented.

Miyazaki has not played the remake of Demon’s Souls for this reason

The developer confessed that he is not a fan of going back to his old games, which is why he has not played Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5. He said that the experience of replaying his titles can be overwhelming, as it brings back many memories and emotions.

“I haven’t actually played the remake of Demon’s Souls . But this is because I do not enjoy playing the titles that I made in the past. It brings back a lot of old emotions, a lot of old memories, and this gets a little overwhelming, and it doesn’t feel like playing anymore. So I haven’t played the remake of Demon’s Souls , but I’m really happy to see that it has this fresh look, these new graphics of the current generation, “said Miyazaki.

Finally, he commented that he was concerned about the relaunch, as he knows that the original title was very hard for some, so he did not know if it would be well received. In the end he was happy with the reaction of the players.

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THE FIRE RING It will debut on February 25 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit his file.

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