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Ancelotti press conference prior to Getafe live

Carlo Ancelotti, coach of the Real Madrid, analyze the news of the white team in the press conference prior to the game against Getafe, corresponding to the nineteenth day of La Liga Santander.

Carlo Ancelotti’s press conference live

Require players to take more care of themselves

The player not only has a responsibility on the field, but also a social responsibility. And they need to set a good example for everyone.


He is a very motivated goalkeeper who trains very well with quality, he has not had minutes because he has the best goalkeeper in the world in front of him and he understands it. But he is young and will be successful in his career.

Will he be unbeatable with Haaland and Mbapp?

Unbeatable team there is no one, s strong teams. The future of this club is written. It is a club that will compete, with more force in the future for sure.

Follow those who finish contract

All players who finish their contract in June can continue. The club has time to talk to them and make the right decision for everyone.

Courtois, ready?

Okay, he was fine when he tested positive. You have had no symptoms. You have done a little individual work at home and you have had a good feeling today.

May the pide al 2022

The illusion is to win. It is true that I am missing LaLiga and I would really like to win it. But I wish everyone health because in the end, if around you people feel good, you feel good.

Hazard and his performance

He has had opportunities, commitment … it could be an important piece for tomorrow but I will wait a bit to give the alignment.

Tener a Mbapp, Haaland …

What I want is that when the new stadium opens is to be sitting on the bench regardless of the players.

Will Mbapp come in June?

I don’t know, we plan to keep fighting for the titles. It is an interesting moment because we return to LaLiga, we have the Cup on Wednesday, we return to Arabia for the Super Cup … it is an important moment. The last thing I think about is what is going to happen on June 30th.

Should it be postponed?

It is a complicated issue, I respect everyone’s opinion because everyone has their own. There is a protocol, we can give an opinion but we must respect it.

How do you see the team

The team has trained well. It is a peculiar moment for everyone but we have been able to train well. We have players who remain positive.

The press conference of the Italian coach of Real Madrid begins

2022, the year that Real Madrid has the furthest Atletico and Barcelona

Leader of LaLiga Santander, eight points ahead of the second, Sevilla, and with a sidereal advantage over Barcelona and Atltico de Madrid. The situation of Real Madrid facing 2022 that starts is idyllic. The differences are so great with respect to their fierce rivals, that with one of them a leader they had never seen so many points away from each other in the entire history of the League to start the year.

Vinicius and Jovic are still out

Those who They still test positive for coronavirus son Vinicius and Jovic. Neither the Brazilian nor the Serbian will be available to Ancelotti for the game against Getafe. The loss of Vinicius is very sensitive, since we are talking about what is possibly the best player in LaLiga so far.

Ancelotti recovers cash

Before the press conference that will take place in a few minutes, Real Madrid had the opportunity to Last training session before the match against Getafe, the first in 2022. Ancelotti recovers troops after the delicate return of the Navideo pair due to the positives detected in the white squad. Specifically, they have been able to train Valverde, Camavinga and Courtois. Players like Bale or Carvajal have not been able to do so.

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