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When the remake of the remake surpassed the original | Levelup

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In this end of the year I am very involved in matters of Metroid. There I take it with Metroid Dread and I’m really enjoying it. The departure from Samus’ most recent adventure motivated me to dive into a couple of his titles: Metroid Fusion, which I told you about recently, and Metroid: Zero Mission, remake of the original NES game that I knew but had not spent the time. Within this Metroidera fever I also gave myself the opportunity to revisit the best Metroid of known and unknown history: Super Metroid. I think I have never been so immersed in the universe of the Chozo, the Metroids, the planet Zebes and other locations that the most popular bounty hunter in the industry has stepped on.

I already dedicated a somewhat peculiar text to the Super Nintendo delivery, so in this closing of 2021 I will focus on the second remake that appeared for the Game Boy Advance in 2004. When I say second remake I mean that Super Metroid is a remake in disguise of its NES counterpart. This was not said officially when the title appeared, but those of us who have followed the saga since its inception are aware of it. What’s more, in the boot sequence, the 16-bit version is presented as Metroid 3A decision made by Nintendo to make it very clear that it was a new proposal that, although spectacular and classic, is very reminiscent of the first time we saw Samus get off his ship.

This is one of the first bosses to beat

I suppose it is because I am already old, but to begin with, something that I liked a lot about Metroid: Zero Mission is that it is more linear than its predecessors. It takes you by the hand during most of the adventure, although on the other hand it allows you to explore and make mistakes, especially in the last hours of the game. The objective is the same as always: to get hold of a series of objects that allow you to access new areas, in which there are also objects that help you to open many others. With this simple explanation, the premise may not sound so attractive, but it is.

Beyond the obvious improvement in both the graphical and auditory aspect, Metroid: Zero Mission takes advantage not only of its predecessors in other consoles, but of its brother Metroid Fusion. Samus’s fluidity of movement and overall gameplay mean that you don’t miss the 8-bit delivery at all. On the other hand, having returned to the original musical themes was a decision that greatly favored the experience. I mean, as you explore each area, you can’t help but think that the experience of yesteryear must have been like this remake. Certainly Metroid NES is a classic and no one will take that place away, but if you want to stretch the league and enjoy the definitive version of this first Samus adventure, the Game Boy Advance installment is the best option.

This screen has become a constant in the saga
This screen has become a constant in the saga

As is often the case with this type of Big N project, the remake not only deals with stylizing the source material and presenting it to the user as a retouched version of what he already knows, but also uses elements that the player uses feels familiar and even leads him to forget at times that the game is based almost entirely on a proposal from yesteryear. It seemed to me the most successful that they included the Speed ​​Booster, the Super Missiles and the Power Bombs, since they not only build a bridge in time, but they gave the developers an excuse to include game mechanics and some problems to solve that in no way could they have been incorporated into the original.

The novelties are not only reduced to the power ups, but they are present in additional scenarios and some elements of the story that were added to give Samus a deeper background. The narrative is supported by cinematic sequences that look very good on the laptop and in which we can clearly see the intention of the developers to tell us that, if they could conquer us with Metroid Fusion, with Zero Mission They sought to leave more than consolidated the image of Samus Aran on take-out consoles.

There’s a pretty interesting twist that broadens the plot and the exploration. Upon reaching Tourian and taking the traditional journey whose final destination is the battle with Mother Brain, you defeat Samus’ arch enemy and a sequence of self-destruction begins. You must escape in the same way as in previous titles, reaching your ship and taking off at high speed. When you get ready to see the credits as a reward and you feel pride in your effort, Samus’ ship is attacked by the Space Pirates, takes damage and makes an emergency landing on the planet Zebes, but in an area unexplored until that moment: Chozodia . As with Alucard at the beginning of Symphony of the NightAt this point the heroine loses her costume and all her equipment, so the situation does not look good at all.

The rain contributes to the feeling of desolation of the protagonist
The rain contributes to the feeling of desolation of the protagonist

Exploring Chozodia, Samus finds a better outfit than the one he had, as well as some other accessories. This is not an easy task, as enemies tirelessly follow you and take a lot of energy from you. It is a more than welcome challenge because it expands the experience and, in my opinion, it is a tribute to the famous JUSTIN BAILEY game mode of Metroid by NES. The twist is so well done that you don’t even feel like a burden or disappointment that the game isn’t over, but instead embrace it as an added challenge that allows you to enjoy the experience a bit more, which is generally short.

Where can I play it currently?

  • Game Boy Advance
  • Wii U ($ 98.99 MXN)


  • Yoshio Sakamoto, director de Metroid: Zero Mission he was the only member of the original version team to participate in the remake.
  • In Metroid: Zero Mission for the first time in the franchise you can choose the level of difficulty.

Although over time another Samus adventure appeared on the 3DS, which, by the way, is also a remake, Metroid: Zero Mission It is for me the best experience to go of the bounty hunter. He wanted to move away from the Fusion formula and get closer to the original, but the link with its predecessor could not be completely diluted, which is not a bad thing, but it enriches the product and gives it identity.

If you do not know this fabulous remake, I recommend that you give it a try. If it can be on the original console, the better. Remember that I value your comments very much and I read each one of them, so do not hesitate to leave them. Have a great 2022 and I hope to continue seeing you around for more #Retro Friday content.

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