Tuesday, October 4

Valorant director leaves to work on a new Riot game

Riot Games has become one of the most popular companies in the world of video games thanks in large part to the great success it has achieved in recent years with League of Legends, but also due to “fault” of other deliveries such as Legends of Runeterra The Valuing, a competitive shooter that is managing to stand up to (and even surpass) CS: GO.

In addition, there are several Riot Games projects that we still know almost nothing about as their fighting game, your MMO set in the universe of League of Legends And it seems, another new title that it will feature one of the main talents of the company, the director of Valorant, Joe Ziegler.

Just a few hours ago, Joe wanted to address fans of competitive shooter to announce his departure for “begin to work into something new (secret, secret) in the hope of minimally replicating the resounding success that VALORANT has had to date“, hinting that Riot Games is preparing a new title.

For the fans, Joe wanted to dedicate these words: “After eight years working at VALORANT and giving it life from its foundations with a team of passionate developers who have dedicated themselves day and night to provide an experience worthy of the respect and admiration you deserve, I am going to pass the baton of the direction of the game to my great friend Andy Ho“.

Valorant is now available Epic Games Store

This next project from Riot Games is one of the best news from the studio at the end of the year, added to the fact that all its games (including Valorant) are available now on the Epic Games Store while the downside to the end of the year for Riot is having to pay $ 100 million due to a gender discrimination lawsuit.

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