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The Last of Us: Ellie’s last name is finally confirmed and it’s a tribute to gaming history | Levelup

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The Last of Us It is a franchise with endearing characters and so it is natural for fans to ask for their full names. The last name of Ellie, the star of this story, was considered a mystery, so many will be glad that it was finally confirmed.

On his Twitter account, Neil Druckmann announced that Ellie’s last name is Williams. With this, the entire community finally knows what is the full name of this emblematic character who has already made his mark in the world of gaming.

Best of all, Druckmann confirmed that Ellie’s last name is a tribute to the gaming industry. What happens is that he chose that name for the protagonist of The Last of Us since it is the same as that of the founders of Sierra On-Line: Ken and Roberta Williams.

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Is Ellie’s last name hardly known? Yes and no

If you are a fan of The Last of UsYou won’t be surprised to learn that Williams is Ellie’s last name. After all, there were references to this in the Japanese manual for the original release of The Last of Us. There is also the fact that in Left Behind, Ellie types her last name into a computer and there it is revealed that it is an 8-letter name, which pointed to it being Williams.

That said, until now, no member of Naughty Dog has publicly named the character Ellie Williams. On the contrary, in The Last of Us: Part II and in a part of the first game we can see that Joel’s last name is Miller. For this reason, many left the door open to the possibility that Ellie’s last name was another and did not consider Williams as canon.

In this way, Druckmann’s statements on Twitter put an end to all discussion or speculation: Ellie’s last name is Williams and that is canon.

What do you think about this new? Are you glad that Ellie’s name is finally official? Tell us in the comments.

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