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RUMOR: Shadow Man Remastered is coming to Switch in a few days | Levelup

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One of the unexpected returns was that of Shadow Man, a franchise of the defunct Acclaim whose first installment debuted in 1999 with deliveries on PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and SEGA Dreamcast. As remasters are in order, Nightdive Studios did the same with Shadow Man Remastered, a title that will debut ‘+ or in April of this year on PC and that is waiting to reach consoles, which could happen in a few days.

Shadow Man Remastered could be coming to consoles soon

According to information on the page Shadow Man Remastered in the Switch eShop (via Nintendo Life), the game is very close to Nintendo’s hybrid console as its debut will take place on January 18 with a list price of $ 19.99 USD. So far, there is no official information about the debut of Shadow Man Remastered on consoles, but this could indicate that its arrival is also close to PlayStation and Xbox.

How can you wait, Shadow Man Remastered polish the audiovisual section to make it as enjoyable as possible, this taking into account that it is a game from the late 90s. There are also some improvements in the control, but no miracle is done to make it to the liking of current generations accustomed to responsive controls, rather it is a product that appeals to players who enjoyed it at the time and want to relive the past, pure nostalgia.

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