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Roblox: the keys to the video game that triumphs among the youngest players • Console and Board

Roblox is a free online multiplayer game that allows hosting hundreds of servers created by the players themselves, which act as games within the application itself. Each of these games can have its own setting and theme, with its own objectives and rules. This approach offers players great freedom of use and generates a huge diversity of game dynamics. It has proven to be incredibly popular, especially with audiences between the ages of 8 and 14. It was launched in 2006 and today it has more than 70 million users.

What does Roblox offer to its users?

The game encourages players to awaken the imagination and creativity thanks to its scenario creation tool, Roblox Studio. This tool is what allows all users to create servers or game scenarios within Roblox, giving rise to almost any environment imaginable in 3DA.

In addition, the interaction between Roblox players is based on sharing these creations so that the rest of the users can try them and assess the work done. Many of the scenarios created become very popular because users value the work invested in the design and the dynamics of the game. Roblox is a platform that powers the imagination, clear proof that video games can also contribute a lot on a creative level.

Available platforms

Roblox is available for large number of platforms. You can register from the website itself on your PC, but it also has free applications for mobile phones and tablets.

The requirements to download the application on mobile phones are to have iOS with version 8 or higher or to have Android 4.4 or higher. It is also compatible with the Amazon Fire OS operating system. You can download the applications for free from the corresponding stores for each operating system.

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Roblox can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Store to play on a Windows computer or on the Xbox One if you want to play from the console. Roblox is completely free on all devices, although it includes an in-app purchase system through its own currency, the Robux. With the Robux you can buy skins and accessories with which to customize your avatar, and they can be purchased with real money or, more conveniently, get Robux through promo codes.

Roblox promo codes are created by administrators and are typically posted at events or giveaways. They have a fixed duration but to get Roblox codes that are still active, we should be constantly attentive to new events and giveaways, which is not always possible. Therefore, the most viable and comfortable alternative is to consult specialized pages on collecting active Roblox codes. Currently, the best option is the community of TodoRoblox.

Get codes in TodoRoblox

The TodoRoblox community is dedicated to search, store and update regularly available codes to be redeemed on Roblox and publishes them on its website at the disposal of users.

The codes published on its website also have a deadline to be used, but the platform is in charge of constantly updating them and publishing the new available codes.

In addition, TodoRoblox offers other services to its user community. You will be able to find all the news of the game such as events, raffles or new popular servers. You will also find a community thanks to which you can answer your questions or go to with certain questions about Roblox. In short, it is a meeting point for the community of Roblox players where you will find the best up-to-date information about Roblox.

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