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Part 2 of the remake? Final Fantasy VII will expand in 2022, according to producer | Levelup

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Square Enix, after listening to the requests of the fans, brought back one of the Final Fantasy through a remake that presented everything more beautiful and with action-oriented game mechanics. We are obviously talking about the ambitious project Final Fantasy VII Remake; which received very good reviews although it has not yet concluded with the story of the original title, since its launch would be in parts. So far it is unknown what happened to the rest of the remake, but its producer seems to have just given an interesting clue.

As we have told you, Famitsu hosted his traditional end-of-the-year interview in which he invites many video game developers to share a message with their fans, as well as his ambitions for the coming year.

In it was Yoshinori Kitase, producer of the project and manager of the series in general, and what is striking is that in his message he seems to have given a clue related to the unfinished remake of Final Fantasy VII.

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Will there soon be news of Final Fantasy VII Remake?

We say this because the creative commented that “the world of Final Fantasy VII will continue to expand in 2022 “, according to the translation of DualShockers. This can be interpreted in different ways. One of them is that Square Enix is ​​preparing not only to talk about the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but also launch it.

Remember that Final Fantasy VII Remake It was announced at the memorable PlayStation presentation at E3 2015, but it took a long time for it to debut in April 2020. Only the first part, focused on the characters, was released; the second part, then, would appear later, although without a confirmed release date.

Almost 2 years have passed since the premiere of Part 1, so it is normal to think that we are closer to the launch of Part 2, that it will be focused on its immense world and that it will continue the story of the original game, especially since Square Enix in 2019 (before the original premiere) confirmed that it was already working on the second part. Not many details of this project have been shared, but the little we know about it is that it will leave behind expectations and surprise the fans, and Tetsuya Nomura, its director, wants it to not take long to be ready. The above is everything fans of the remake would like to believe. But it could also mean something else.

In case you missed it: it is not yet clear how many parts it will be divided into Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Kitase could also refer to other games of Final Fantasy VII

You should know that the remake is not the only project that Square Enix has in development in relation to Final Fantasy VII. Months ago the company revealed that it works on the Battle Royale Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, a game Kitase hopes fans will enjoy.

Perhaps the most interesting project for fans of Final Fantasy VII is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, a new mobile RPG that is based on the remake and the original game that was announced months ago and that attracted attention because it was confirmed that it would have new story details (Kitase could have referred to this by expanding the world of Final Fantasy VII).

It is important to also say that, although it is not the second part of the title, Square Enix decided to expand the history of the remake with the launch of Intergrade, an expansion starring Yuffie, which originally debuted in mid-2021 and clues suggest that motion capture started almost 1 year ago, so it’s not unreasonable for him to surprise with news of the second part in 2022, the year in which ( already confirmed) we will know more about Final Fantasy XVI. We will keep you informed.

What do you think about this? Are you ready to play the next part of the remake? Tell us in the comments.

Final Fantasy VII Remake It is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. You can find more about him if you visit his file or if you consult our written review.

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