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On Three Kings Day you will be able to download this RPG that debuted in 2021 for free | Levelup

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During the last few weeks, the Epic Games Store has been spoiling us with a lot of gifts, but that promotion is now over. Luckily that does not mean the end of the free games and it is that on Three Kings Day they will give us another game.

What do we mean? As we told you yesterday, the Epic Games Store returned to the weekly giveaway rhythm. So, you have several days to get the trilogy of Tomb Raider free. Once that gift expires (that is, January 6) you will have a chance to get another free game.

Thus, from January 6 to 13, all players with an Epic Games Store account will be able to download Gods Will Fall. It is an RPG developed by Clever Beans that debuted on January 28, 2021, so it can be considered a recent release.

How can you download this game? The first thing you have to do is wait for it to be 10:00 AM, Mexico City time, on January 6. Then you simply have to follow these instructions:

How to get God Will Fall for free?

  • Gives click here to go to the page of God Will Fall in the Epic Games Store
  • Click the Get Button on the right side of the screen
  • A screen will appear with the purchase information
  • Press Checkout

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What is it Gods Will Fall?

Gods Will Fall is an action RPG for PC in which you will have to fight against gods who have a cruel rule over humanity. Saying it is easier than doing it and to achieve it you will have to travel through a world full of dangers and disgusting creatures against which you will have to fight with a combat system that is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

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“Experience the ordeals of a group of intrepid warriors in their desperate cause to end the cruel rule of the gods over mankind. After having suffered the brutality of the reign of the gods for so long, every man and woman who can wield a sword must join your clan of 8 Celtic survivors and rise up to face the legions of terrible beasts and minions that inhabit each one of the infernal kingdoms of the gods ”, says the official description of Gods Will Fall. “With every decision you make, a personal story is born. Rise to victory and see how legends are born. Fail and watch lives turn to dust. “

What do you think about this gift? Do you plan to download Gods Will Fall when it is available for free? Tell us in the comments.

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