Saturday, June 25

Nintendo Switch: the best-selling indies of 2021 • Console and Dash

A few hours to say goodbye to the year, we discover which have been the best-selling indies in Switch during this 2021. Nintendo reviews the most popular around the world through a video of less than two and a half minutes long.


To the tune of a frenzy, Nintendo reveals which indie games have been the best sellers this year on its console. Start the video with the pixelated action of Cyber Shadow to continue the relaxing Unpacking, which proposes us to remove objects from the moving boxes to place them in our new home.

Tetris Effect: Connected, union between past and present, do not miss the appointment. Either Stick Fight: The Game, chaotic proposal based on physics. Curse of the Dead Gods and his dungeon exploration are also among the best sellers, along with Ender Lilies, bet on the role and dark fantasy.

The girls of Doki Doki Literature Club! are shown almost in the middle of the video, followed by the platforms of Spelunky 2 and along the highways of Road 96. We jumped into the sea with Subnautica Y Subnautica Below Zero, while Littlewood represents a charming world.

Switch players have enjoyed Islanders: Console Edition in this year, with its construction of cities, and the colorful Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition. They have not forgotten the RPG Eastward nor the pixelated challenge Axiom Verge 2, title that closes the review.

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