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Nightmare! University supercomputer loses 77 TB of information | Levelup

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One of the recurring nightmares in the computer age is the loss of information due to problems with storage units. Although the ideal is to make a constant backup to prevent an eventuality, the reality is that this can happen at the least expected moment, ruining everything and the worst thing is that no one is saved, from the common user to those responsible for scientific projects, as it happened. a few days ago at a university in Japan.

An unexpected mistake left researchers at the University of Kyoto without information

According to information from Bleeping Computer, the supercomputer at the University of Kyoto in Japan had a problem in its backup process that led to the loss of 77 TB of data. This occurred from December 14 to 16 and meant the disappearance of 34 million files corresponding to 14 investigation teams. Although hardware of this type has been designed and created to deal with such an incident, all the information could not be recovered and 4 work teams have lost everything.

According to official details, the error was presented during the backup process on the occasion of the end of the year, so when the error was discovered, it was stopped and will be resumed at some point in January 2022 and with certainty that something like this will not be presented again. .

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The supercomputer was manufactured by Hewlett-Packard

To give us an idea of ​​the power of this supercomputer, just look at the description provided by the University of Kyoto, where it is stated that it is Hewlett-Packard hardware with 3 systems, one with a 68-core Intel Xeon Phi KNL processor; a second with an 18-core Intel Xeon Broadwell processor and a third with an 18-core Intel Xeon Haswell processor, all 3 backed by a storage unit with 24 PB capacity.

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Kyoto University Supercomputer

So, it doesn’t hurt that before the end of the year you check the status of your hardware storage units and make a backup because you never know when an error will occur.

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