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Modern Warfare 2 needs classic Call of Duty features

The next Call of Duty title will be a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare, and the game could benefit from bringing back some classic CoD features.

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The next Obligations The title is expected to be a 2019 sequel. Modern war, and there are some classic features that need to make a comeback to help the game succeed. modern war II, not to be confused with 2009 Modern warfare 2, it’s probably next Obligations game later Vanguard and will continue developer Infinity Ward’s soft reboot Modern war Serie. The first reboot in 2019 was widely praised by gamers, and with the release of War zone a few months later, Obligations reached new heights of popularity.

But nevertheless, VanguardThe late 2021 launch has struggled to maintain the same popularity as the previous two years. Vanguard was developed by Sledgehammer Games and brought the series back to WWII, but many have said that the game feels more like a new skin than Modern war only with weaponry appropriate for the time. With very little change between him and last year. Cod title, many focus instead on the series’ actual battle, with War zoneThe new Pacific Caldera map is making multiple changes.

And Modern warfare 2 is to avoid disappointing fans, its developers should bring back features from the previous version Obligations titles and approach game development with them in mind. Modern war It made a lot of major changes to things like progression and attachments, but not much has changed in subsequent games since then and fans are starting to get bored that each game feels the same and misses out on their favorite features from before. In the past, each new Obligations The game felt very different from the previous one, with new features or features exclusive to a series. This made each game feel new while offering the same satisfying weapon set that made the series so popular.

The old Call Of Duty prestige system was better

One of the most requested changes Obligations fans want is a return to the old prestige system that was changed in Modern war. Actually in Vanguard, players will have prestige at level 55 and then continue to level up to 1000. Black Ops Cold War introduced Prestige Keys that players obtained every 50 levels and that could be used to unlock blueprints and calling cards from previous games. In Cod games before 2019, players would have the option of prestige when they reach the maximum level. If they did, their progression was reset and they would have to unlock all weapons, perks, and killstreaks again.

The old systems of progression and prestige were much more rewarding than the system currently in place in Vanguard Y War zone. Earning high prestige used to be a challenge, having to unlock everything over and over again and give players something to work for throughout the year. Now all the prestige system does is show how much time a person has spent playing the game and why it is easy to level up in Obligations: War zoneEspecially with double XP almost every weekend, it’s not that impressive to see someone at level 1000 near the end of a Battle Pass season. Going back to the old system, or a variant of it, would give players a greater incentive to play multiplayer and achieve the highest possible prestige.

Modern Warfare 2 needs ranked play at launch

If an FPS wants to have the best chance of being successful early on, giving players a separate ranked mode at the start will improve those chances considerably. Obligations hasn’t had a real sort mode since Black Ops 2League Play mode in 2012. Compare this to the recently released Infinite Halo and its multiplayer ranking system, which launched with a separate ranked playlist on day one, as well as acquirable customization options inspired by the competitive teams featured in the game. aura Championship series. As a result, Infinity, despite having less content on the first day, received a more positive reaction than Vanguard made for launch.

E-sports are very popular in Cod Y auraAnd integrating that into the game for normal players is an easy way to get more people to play it. Players also want to feel like they are improving, and having skill ranges and ELO is the best way to give them that feeling. VanguardThe missing game modes and lack of League Play can make it less appealing to players who want a competitive experience. If they finally arrive, it will not be the same as the modes classified in aura The Counter-Strike, so players probably won’t play it for more than a few games. Yes Modern warfare 2 You can have a league game at launch, with a full ranking system, progression rewards, and competitive maps and game types, players will want to play it right away and will likely be hooked for the entire year.

Call Of Duty Attachment Settings Needs Optimization

The last three Obligations The titles have seen the size and complexity of the game’s class-building system grow, and you could benefit by going back to basics. Nowadays, VanguardGunsmith weapon customization allows players to place up to ten accessories on a single weapon, without the use of a perk or joker, for the first time. This results in some very powerful combinations in both multiplayer and War zone, but some players are frustrated by how overpowered some of these can be and how long it takes to unlock all of a weapon’s accessories.

Older Obligations titles, such as 2007 Modern war and the original Modern warfare 2, only one accessory is allowed on each weapon. Black Ops 2 introduced the ‘pick 10’ system, which gave players ten allocation points to use in a class with each perk, weapon, accessories, equipment, and wild cards. These are considered some of the best Cod fan titles, with rumors of a Black Ops 2 Remastering resurfaces every year, and the simplicity of the create-a-class system is one of the reasons. Players had to weigh the pros and cons of each accessory and had to create a class that took advantage of their strengths. Players can now create a class with almost no negatives, significantly reducing the game’s skill gap.

VanguardThe lack of ranked play, the same prestige system from the previous two games, and its disappointing maps have disappointed many fans so far. The game gives players little reason to come back and play, aside from leveling up weapons to use in War zone. This could explain why players don’t buy CoD: Vanguard and I have chosen to play other games that have been released around the same time. If Infinity Ward wants to avoid the same fate, it could add some of these classic features from earlier versions. Obligations games, which will hopefully remind fans of what made the series fun in the first place.

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