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Meet Ape Fight Club, an NFT fighting game that looks scary | Levelup

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For better or for worse, NFTs are here to stay in the gaming industry. In recent months we have seen dozens of games, mostly of very poor quality, that revolve around this controversial technology. One of the ones that attracted the most attention in recent days is Ape Fight Club, a fighting title that honestly looks scary and not much fun.

This curious title runs by Nifty Ape Nation, a community specialized in NFT. According to its officials, players will be able to acquire, sell and trade 888 unique apes and use them in traditional 2D combat.

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Each of these NFT characters is priced at .0888 Ethereum, which would work out to about $ 320 USD if we consider the current conversion rate of the cryptocurrency. To this must be added the resale market and the always annoying speculation that surrounds everything related to the metaverse.

This is how Ape Fight Club is played, the new NFT game from Nifty Ape Nation

Those responsible for this NFT video game stated that each of the 888 apes available will have their own abilities and style of play. Frankly, the above is a promise that is hard to believe, as the first gameplay trailer makes it clear that the characters have the same attacks.

In addition, everything related to Ape Fight Club It’s disappointing. Animations feel clunky, there is no impact on hits, and some mechanics seem deceptive. For example, the blue bar below, which will normally be used to enhance special abilities or perform super attacks, does not seem to have any real use. Health bars, on the other hand, seem to not react correctly to hits, while the combo counter goes up even if the opponent blocks an attack. A disaster!

On the other hand, it seems that Nifty Ape Nation is looking to break the world record for the fighting game with the largest roster in history. Certainly 888 characters is an impressive number, but we do not think it is valid considering that they all have the same abilities and their appearance differs very little.

As expected, the case of Ape Fight Club reached the ears of some professional gamers and content creators at the FGC. Of course, the vast majority used their social networks to mock and criticize the project.

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But tell us. Do you think non-fungible tokens are the future of video games? Let us read you in the comments.

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