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Lords Mobile celebrates the New Year and the Three Kings with new events and gifts

Offered by IGG

Lords Mobile has become one of the most popular strategy games for mobile devices (you can download it from here and get a 100-pack of content for the game). This title developed by IGG has many players who enjoy their particular bet with a lot of different game modes and events to keep the community active.

As expected they also have a christmas surprise for us in the form of a new in-game event called The 3 Kings that commemorates the New Year and the arrival of the Magi to our houses to give us gifts. This event will last from January 1 to 3 2022 and in it players will be able to access great prizes if they achieve certain objectives.

All players will have to get event points to unlock gifts in-game from different levels (there are up to 4 levels). When playing they achieve unlock level 3 these players will receive a participation to enter the draw of different physical prizes valued at $ 4,000 finding us some as succulent as a iPhone 13, a Samsung A12 64GB the 10 Alexa devices from Amazon.

Lords Mobile, to continue celebrating Christmas on January 4th harn one special streaming on Facebook with ambassadors Hadark Gamer, GamesRey, Zalamanza and Queen Mayam. This streaming feature different games to interact with the audience as a trivia or a “zoom in” – (discover what character is hidden behind an enlarged image) among others. Those who answer correctly they can also win various prizes valued at about 2000 dlares What two Samsung A52 or various bundles of in-game items valued at $ 19.99.

In addition, IGG has given us a last minute surprise to say goodbye to 2021, a new song for the game called Crown played by Madilyn Bailey, a well-known American singer-songwriter who celebrates the arrival of 2022 with this new song from Lords Mobile that you can listen to below:

Kung Fu Panda to arrive in February at Lords Mobile

Beyond the Christmas celebration, IGG has already prepared a great collaboration for the month of February with the emblematic IP Kung Fu Panda, urging us to be very attentive to IGG’s social networks if we want to know more about one of the most special collaborations in the game since the one they did with Saint Seiya.

If you are interested in playing Lords Mobile, all the players that download the game through this link You will have an in-game item pack valued at 100.

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