Friday, September 30

January PS Plus Announced • Console and Dashboard

A few hours to start the month (and year), we know the title of the PS More enero. We are facing free download games on PS4 and PS5 for users of the paid service.


The new PS Plus will be available starting Tuesday, January 4. We can download them, free of charge, until February 1. As has happened with the previous ones, when claiming them we will keep them in the library while we continue with the subscription.

Persona 5 Strikers It will be available on PS4. We will move through a story that starts on a summer vacation to continue with a distorted reality. The result is an adventure on the roads of Japan, fighting the corruption that has crept into cities.

DIRT 5 It will be available on both PS4 and PS5. In this case, we test the speed with all types of cars. We will be part of off-road racing, with divided screen for four players, online multiplayer and creator mode, among other content.

It will also be available on both consoles Deep Rock Galactic, a first person shooter game. It offers destructible terrains and randomly generated caves, with their hordes of aliens. It is remembered how, until January 3, we will be able to download the PS Plus for December.

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