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Incredibly Fun Indie Platformer Is Available For Free For A Limited Time | Levelup

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There are incredibly fun indie games that deserve a chance. At LEVEL UP we are sure that one of them is Toree 3D, a platformer reminiscent of the PlayStation era and incredibly fun. This title and its sequel are incredibly cheap, so we think you should buy them, but if you don’t dare, you will be happy to know that you can get one of the 2 for free.

Siactro, creator of Toree 3D Y Toree 2, published a tweet in which he confessed to being very grateful to all who have given him support. This is why he decided to respond with a very nice gesture: put Toree 3D with 100% discount for a limited time.

The promotion will be available from today, December 31, until January 8, 2022. To take advantage of it, you only need to have an account, log in, go to this link and add it to your collection. Once you do, you can download it to your PC.

You don’t like Unfortunately the promotion is only available on that platform. If you feel more comfortable shopping on Steam, there you can get it for only $ 0.99 USD ($ 13.39 MXN). Too It has a version for Switch that is offered in exchange for $ 21.99 MXN. A small expense for a game that will make you have a good time.

What is it Toree 3D?

Now, what the heck is the game you just downloaded for free? It is a 3D platformer with a low-poly 90s aesthetic reminiscent of the PlayStation or the SEGA Saturn.

In Toree 3D You will have to control a chicken with more attitude than common sense in 9 levels that have unique elements. What makes it interesting is that it’s packed with high-paced platform challenges.

You can see it in action in the following video:

What do you think about it Toree 3D? Will you take advantage of the promotion to get it for free? Tell us in the comments.

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