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How to make a game on Roblox

Roblox developers introduced Roblox Studio almost five years ago to allow gamers to create their own games. The software features predesigned templates for each type of Roblox game that can be customized to your liking. Therefore, you cannot create a completely new game from scratch, but the Roblox Studio software is extremely easy to use even for those players who are not too tech-savvy.

If you want to try your luck in the role of game developer, this article is for you. In this guide, we will explain how to create a Roblox game using Roblox Studio. In addition, you will discover how to publish your creation, how to manage your privacy settings and more about Roblox custom games.

Make a Roblox game using Roblox Studio

First things first, you need to get Roblox Studio before you start creating your game. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Roblox and navigate to the “Create” tab, then download Roblox Studio.
  2. Launch the program and log in once more with your Roblox account.
  3. Select “New” in the left sidebar.
  4. Go to the “All Templates” tab.
  5. Select the desired game template.

If this is your first Roblox game, we suggest you go with Obby as it is the easiest type of game to create. Once the template is loaded, you will see the interface of the game environment with all the mechanics already implemented. Here’s how to make a custom Obby set:

  1. By default, there is natural light in the game. To change it to night, select “Lighting” in the right sidebar. Then click on “Properties – Lighting” and scroll down to the “Data” section. Click on “TimeOfDay” and set the desired time.
  2. Click on any of the items, for example one of the platforms. To change your color, click on “Color” in the menu at the top of the screen and select the one you like best.
  3. To resize an item, select “Scale” from the menu at the top of the screen.
  4. To change the position of an item, click “Move” or “Rotate” at the top of the screen. Optionally, you can just drag items while holding down the left mouse button.
  5. To add regular platforms, copy and paste existing ones using a screenshot of the keyboard or the “Copy” and “Paste” buttons from the editor menu.
  6. Optionally, click “Part” in the menu at the top to add a new platform.
  7. To add red platforms that players must avoid, click on “Collisions” at the top of the screen and place the platform where you want.
  8. Optionally select additional items from the left sidebar such as pine trees, bricks, and more.
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Now that all the elements of the game are in place according to your preferences, it is time to test your game. Follow the instructions below to do so:

  1. From the menu at the top of the screen, navigate to the “Test” tab.
  2. Try to complete your map of Obby. If it works properly, skip to the next section: Publish your game.

To publish your game on Roblox, you must first submit it to the Roblox admin team for evaluation. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on “File” located in the upper left corner of your screen.
  2. Select “Post to Roblox.”
  3. Give your game a name, select its genre, and add a game description for Roblox administrators and users.
  4. Click “Create Venue” and wait for a response from the Roblox team.

Note: Creating other types of games in Roblox Studio is no different from creating an Obby game. Some items may vary, but the editing tools and general steps remain the same.

Frequent questions

In this section, we will answer the most common questions about creating games in Roblox Studio.

Can I make a Roblox game by myself?

In fact, you can create a custom Roblox game. In fact, Roblox developers encourage players to create their own games; the Roblox Studio was developed for this reason. It can be found under the “Create” tab on the official Roblox website and is available to all users. However, you cannot create a game from scratch.

Is it difficult to make Roblox games?

You don’t have to be a tech savvy to create a Roblox game. Roblox Studio has a preloaded template with all the core mechanics and elements already implemented for each type of game. All you have to do is install the software, log in with your Roblox account, choose the game type, and edit the template to your liking. The interface is extremely easy to use and intuitive. You can drag and resize elements, add new elements, and delete existing ones. No coding skills required.

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How are games published on Roblox?

Before your game is published on Roblox, the Roblox management team must assess its quality and check for any rule violations. Once you are satisfied with the game you created in Roblox Studio, select the “Post to Roblox” option, click “Create Venue” and wait for a response. You should receive an email once the decision on your game has been made.

How do I make my Roblox game private?

Once your game is published, you can choose whether it will be public or private. Here’s how to manage your game’s privacy settings:

1. Login to Roblox and navigate to the “Create” tab.

2. Click on “My Creations” and then on “Games”.

3. Find the game. If the eye icon next to it is green, the game is public. If grayed out, the game is private.

4. Click the gear icon next to the game information.

5. Select “Configure this game”.

6. Go to the “Basic Settings” tab located on the left sidebar, then scroll down to the “Privacy” section.

7. Select “Private” or “Public” and confirm.

What are the technical requirements for Roblox Studio?

Roblox Studio will not work on a mobile device or tablet. To install it, you need a PC or laptop with Windows 7 or newer, or macOS 10.11 or newer. A relatively new graphics card is crucial – the Roblox website doesn’t specify specific models, but does mention that the card must be less than three years old. You also need at least 1GB of system memory, a processor clocked at least 1.6GHz, and a stable internet connection.

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Be creative!

As you can see, creating a custom game in Roblox Studio is pretty simple – all you need is a little imagination and a device that meets the technical requirements of Roblox Studio. Without a doubt, the Roblox developers have done a great job of allowing players to contribute to the community, while at the same time not giving too much freedom and continuing to monitor the quality of the game. If you’ve decided to go ahead with creating a Roblox game, we wish you luck with your post and have a great time playing the game.

What is your favorite Roblox game type? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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