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Do you want Mortal Kombat characters in MultiVersus? Your manager asks you to choose 2 | Levelup

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One of the big surprises we received in 2021 was the announcement of MultiVersus, the game inspired by Super Smash Bros. but with familiar faces from WarnerMedia. More and more characters are known to be included in the roster, and the game director asks you which characters from Mortal Kombat you would like to see in it.

Warner Bros. Interactive is still working on its next interesting fighting game known as MultiVerse, which will allow you to choose from a large cast to face in crazy battles, such as those offered by Nintendo with its franchise.

Some of the eligible characters in MultiVersus

Despite the huge number of characters that were already confirmed for the title, such as Shaggy, Batman, Superman, Arya Stark, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Bugs Bunny, among others, it was quite strange that some of them were not mentioned. Mortal Kombat, a major franchise of the company.

Fortunately for all those still waiting for some surprises, the game’s director, Tony Huynh, recently posted a tweet asking fans to choose 2 characters from Mortal Kombat what would you like to see in MultiVersus.

Here you can see it:

It is worth mentioning that the director clarifies that he is not committing to make it happen, but there is no doubt that it is a good start to see Scorpion or some other fighter in the saga in this new project.

As you can imagine, the responses were not long in coming and fans immediately brought up names like Mileena, Jade, Sheeva, and even Tanya.

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We remind you that MultiVersus It will be a free game and will arrive in 2022 on PC and consoles, in addition to offering cross-play so you can play with whoever you want and without restrictions.

What character of Mortal Kombat would you like to see in MutiVersus? Tell us in the comments.

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