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Bully 2: This was the ambitious canceled sequel that was in development 10 years ago

This year rumors of a sequel to Bully, the Rockstar game set in the Bullworth Center that debuted in 2006 and has gained even more fans over time. The truth is that it would not be the first time that the company intends to create Bully 2, it is known that between 2010 and 2013 was this continuation of Canis Canem Edit; an article of Game Informer has shed some more light on the canceled project.

In a comprehensive review of this Bully 2 There is talk of how a team at Rockstar New England got under way to develop an adventure that could be the company’s next big game, butA number of problems prevented the and, finally, they will end up collaborating in Max Payne 3 Y Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar New England wants to be special within RockstarBut it’s really tough when Rockstar North was the one producing all the golden eggs at the time, “comments one developer.” Living under such a large shadow and trying to overcome that role was difficult and almost impossible. But they tried, “says a source requesting anonymity.

Mad Doc Software

Mad Doc Software was a studio founded in 1999 by Lane Davis, a former Activision CTO. It was an independent team with employees who had worked in Civilization, System Shock Y Thief, and for a decade they worked with Activision, Sierra Entertainment, Disney Interactive and Vivendi Games; Until its acquisition by Rockstar its track record was in strategy games like Star Trek: Armada Y Empire Earth.

In 2006 it was launched Bully, considered one of the games of the year, although sales were not comparable to those achieved Grand Theft Auto. At that time Empire Earth 3 (2007) by Mad Doc Software did not have good reviews and the situation of the team was delicate, so they accepted the order of Rockstar: Bully: Scholarship Edition, a remastering of the PlayStation 2 game for Xbox 360 and PC that arrived in 2008, while Rockstar Toronto handled the version for Wii. That same year Rockstar acquired Mad Doc Software and turned it into Rockstar New England.

Change the culture within the studio

Although joining Rockstar had its advantages the studio culture disappeared and the crunch became more common. “Don’t get me wrong, during Empire Earth 3 haba crunchbut he got along well, “says one developer, who says there was a better work-life balance.

Rockstar New England will begin work on various projects, such as the expansions of Grand Theft Auto IV and the Red Dead Redemption, but they also had the opportunity to make something of their own: the sequel to Bully. Y The intention is for it to be a blockbuster at the level of other Rockstar games, with attention to the characters, deep systems and placing the saga at the level of GTA.

The story of the canceled Bully 2

Apparently at some point the entire studio worked on Bully 2, probably between 50 and 70 people. His map would not have been as large as that of GTA IV but it will make up for it with higher density and detail: you can enter all buildings, normally or by force. “If you see it, you can get in,” says a former developer. We wouldn’t be driving a car, so the size could be smaller and more manageable for the studio.

In addition there would be a very advanced intelligence system, more than seen in the honor system of Red Dead Redemption, and that Jimmy’s actions had good or bad consequences beyond a radius of 5 meters and five seconds in the memory of the NPC. Something like this would come many more years later, with Red Dead Redemption 2. This will serve to form friendships or enmities with any character.

The detail would also have gone to make the grass grow, see each blade independently, something that would serve for tasks such as cutting the lawn in a patio. At the entrance to the buildings, a breaking system used to date in other Rockstar games, although it was used for later games. “In Max Payne 3 When you shoot a glass, it doesn’t always break in the same way, first it breaks near the impact of the bullet and then that kind of spider web appears. ” a climbing technique to climb trees, gates and reach the rooftops to enter through the windows.

The story of the canceled Bully 2

Too ambitious?

The studio even made a playable section, vertical slice, with some missions and examples of its technology. Goonies Y Porky’s were cinematic influences for adventure, and in total they became between six and eight hours of play, but it would take another two or three years to finish everything.

But Rockstar began to have other priorities and in 2010 Rockstar New England began bringing people from Bully 2 a Max Payne 3, where in addition the crunch became much more apparent: “Developers talk about periods for months with work into the night and on weekends, sometimes between 12 and 16 hours a day. Others describe entering a project to start the job. crunch, move on to another project and have crunch in that one, “says the text. In June 2009 Rockstar New England went through major layoffs, of at least 10%.

The story of the canceled Bully 2

Rockstar has since shown its interest to return to Bully, although there is nothing official, and supposed art of the old project has been leaked. Game Informer could not confirm if Bully 2 It is in development at Rockstar New England or another studio.

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