Saturday, June 25

A Halo Infinite leak discovers a cut cinematic during the credits

This December, which ends today, will be remembered by many for being the month in which they are released. Halo Infinite, the last installment so far in one of the most important sagas of Xbox consoles and the world of video games.

As you know, the title came out just a few weeks ago but, nevertheless, it still hides various secrets like the one you have discovered thanks to the data mining a group of fans of the saga who have found a Indite kinematics that should appear during the endgame credits and that it has been eliminated in the cut it suffered during development to meet the established deadlines.

! ATTENTION Keep in mind that the video that we show you here below may have spoilers so, if you haven’t completed Halo Infinite, we recommend that you don’t watch it for now:

The triumphant return of the Master Chief

Despite its problems and content cuts, Halo Infinite represents the triumphant return of the Master Chief as We tell you in our analysis, telling you that 343 ha “fsigned the best installment of the saga since Bungie left it and one of the best games of all of 2021. A long campaign with impeccable shootouts that never tire, a competitive multiplayer that could hardly be more fun and that has already left us countless moments, a great artistic direction and a spectacular soundtrack are his main letters of introduction, virtues that easily outweigh his few shortcomings“.

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