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22 games of 2022 – Splatoon 3

22 games of 2022

Splatoon 3 land for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022 to expand the hybrid console’s multiplayer title offering with a shooter in the third person that promises to be refreshing and very generous in terms of content. Do not be fooled by its apparent childish appearance, since the saga splatoon It was a breath of fresh air for the shooting genre and introduced some variations in game objectives. In addition to the classic goal of defeating the opponents of the opposing team, the exchange of firearms for pistols and paint rollers offered a dynamic in which we had to paint the battle scene to win the game.

Unlike Splatoon 2, this third installment aims to give a twist to what has been seen so far in the saga with a notable change of scenery along with new weapons and modes without betraying the foundations established by the first title released for Nintendo Wii U. Don’t be misunderstood: Splatoon 2 It is an entertaining title with a multitude of options and it was one of the most anticipated and important releases of Switch during its first year of life, although to tell the truth the jump from the first part to this second installment was not great enough, looking almost like an expansion rather than a sequel. In this sense, Splatoon 3 promises to deliver all the innovation we miss in Part Two without deviating too much from the formula.

Post-apocalyptic setting and continuous gameplay

  • Study: Nintendo
  • Publishing company: Nintendo
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Release date: 2022

The first trailer of Splatoon 3 that was revealed during a Nintendo Direct was quite a declaration of intent: the wild change of atmosphere – we went from a square full of shops, clothes and futuristic technology to a desert with a certain post-apocalyptic air – marked a new point with the other two installments to attract the attention of players who expected a noticeable evolution. However, despite the setting being one of the most disruptive sections, the gameplay will continue with a few small tweaks thanks to the addition of new weapons and abilities such as a cute robot grenade with legs. The objective will continue to be to paint a larger area of ​​the map in our color to win over our rivals while we try to eliminate them.

Now that you know the basic information of the game, we will go a little deeper into it based on what Nintendo has revealed since its introduction. The new city that will serve as a base of operations receives the name of Tintelia and is defined as “the chaotic city”, a nickname that has never been painted; it is a very popular place for inkling and octarians. Beyond the borders of the city we find the battle scenarios in which the conventional games take place. Regarding how we enter the scenarios, unlike the other two deliveries we will have drones that let us choose the place where we want to land; like this, this time the respawn not be automatic.

Customization is back and new gadgets are introduced

Personalization is one of the key sections of the previous titles and it could not be different in this third part. We will have the same system to change the type of hairstyles and clothes, although there will be more variety so that we can more accurately choose the style we want for our character. Finally, we cannot forget to mention some of the most remarkable skills and gadgets. Regarding the first point, when we turn into a squid to move under the ink, we can propel ourselves with a pirouette in the air when leaving to reach higher. Regarding the second point, we want to highlight three weapons that promise to offer variety and change the rules of the game: the hook, which allow us to move between vertical surfaces, the wooden bow, a contraption that allows you to shoot three threads of ink, and finally the crabjobot that, as its name suggests, be a robot that we can handle at will.

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