Wednesday, June 29

Yomawari 3, the terror of Nippon Ichi Software for Switch and PS4, presents new trailer

Nippon Ichi Software has unveiled an extended trailer of its horror game Yomawari 3, which is announced for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Arrive, at least in Japan, on April 21, but it is expected that it is also available in the West like its predecessors – where it is also distributed on PC. This version expands the scenes seen in the last trailer adding more moments of gameplay.

The saga Yomawari started in 2015 with Yomawari: Night Alone y dos to ms afternoon I showed up Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. They are part of NIS initiatives to develop indie-style games, and so far Yomawari has been shown to receive support from fans thanks to the combination of Japanese terror, village exploration, survival horror Y stories darker than meets the eye.

Yomawari 3 keep the terrifying atmosphere of its predecessors and add new elements. Its protagonist must break a curse by searching for a series of lost “memories” throughout the city … That will be plagued by evil spirits hidden in the shadows. Thanks to his flashlight he can illuminate the path, locate objects that help us open doors or overcome puzzles, and see these demons. When you run into the ghosts you can throw stones to mislead and flee by another path, although the resistance of the protagonist is limited. Another option is to close your eyes, hide, and trust that the demons will lose sight of us.

A very remarkable horror saga

From the second game we tell you that “he sins as a continuist and has lost that freshness of Night Alone. A criticism that basically can be attributed to any sequel that does not intend to change the type of game drastically. But we liked it, and enchant anyone who enjoyed the original. It is an adventure through night alleys, with more shocks clearly has increased the terror- and dangers in every corner of his map. And Night Alone it knew you little by little, the sequel offers you a little more of what you are looking for “.

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