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What will it be? Japanese study prepares remake of an RPG for PlayStation 5 | Levelup

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While there are already major releases scheduled for PlayStation 5 in 2022, it is a fact that we are unaware of many of the great games that will arrive on the Sony console in the coming months.

There is good news for RPG lovers, because today it came to light that a Japanese studio is preparing a high-end remake of a game of the genre. For now there are very few clues about it, but we know that it is in development for PlayStation 5 and the name of the company that is in charge.

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Mutan Insight will remake an RPG for PS5

The name of Mutan Insight may not be quite familiar to you, so let’s tell you that he has worked in major franchises of the genre in recent years. The MUTAN subsidiary collaborated, for example, in the development of Final Fantasy XV, as he was in charge of the Episode Ardyn, one of the game’s DLC.

He also assisted in the development of Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth and has worked on character models for series such as Atelier Y Blue Reflection. He is currently looking for staff for a new project, which was described as a high-end remake of an RPG for the PlayStation 5.

The studio is hiring 3D animation designers, an art director, background designers, and 2D character designers, who will work in a development environment with Unreal Engine 5 and other engines.

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Unfortunately, the vacancies do not give more information about the project, so we do not know which game will have a remake on the next generation console. The news is certainly exciting, as players are already thinking about the return of some classics from the first PlayStation or even older gems of the genre.

The best thing for now will be to keep expectations low and wait for more details to emerge on this mysterious project. At least for now we know that there are several titles on the horizon for PlayStation 5 that will appeal to the nostalgia of the players.

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