Friday, November 25

Ubisoft can close your account and delete your games after 6 months of inactivity

If any of you have games purchased at Ubisoft Connect and you haven’t logged in in some time, maybe it’s time to do it as Ubisoft you can close our accounts and delete all our games after six months of inactivity.

In fact, it is something that has already happened as reported by various media that talk about the case of a Norwegian player named Tor, who in 2020 decided to sell his computer and take a break from video games to focus on his work and studies. However, last summer he decided to play again and bought a new PC, only to find that you were unable to access your Ubisoft account.

Luckily (or so you think) he was able to rrecover it by changing the password, only to find out that Ubisoft had closed it and that all its games were gone, losing hundreds of dollars along the way invested in several deliveries of Assassin’s Creed o en Rainbow Six Siege.

Shortly after encountering this situation Tor discovered that the French company had sent him an email on January 20 of this year (which he received directly in the SPAM folder) warning him that because he had been inactivity, again 30 days to re-enter your account or, conversely, it will be closed, something that ended up happening.

After this, Tor contacted Ubisoft support to inform them of the problem, to which they replied that if the account had already been closed there was no way to get back your games lost, causing outrage and an obvious loss of money to this player.

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Ubisoft claims that it does not close accounts with less than 4 years of inactivity

After the case was known, a Ubisoft member has spoken with the well-known PCWorld medium to ensure that the company does not delete any account that has been inactive for no more than four years, taking into account other factors such as linked games. In addition, it ensures that the closure of accounts is due to article 5.1 of the RGDP of the European Union which limits the retention of user data “to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed“, something that the French company interprets in a quite particular way to hide behind the closure of these types of accounts.

This same Ubisoft manager comments that Tor’s case does not match the criteria closing company accounts and that they will investigate what happened, so it could be an error in Ubisoft’s automatic system for closing accounts.


However, despite what this person in charge comments, the Ubisoft terms and conditions of use point to what they can close our account after six months of inactivity (eliminating our games along the way), something you can read yourselves from this link (point 8.2) in which Ubisoft mentions that they can suspend our account “prior notification, when your account has been inactive for a period exceeding six months“So if Ubisoft wants to, it can close our account and kill all our digital games if we go half a year or without using it, something that comes to light after the case of this Norwegian gamer.

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