Sunday, June 26

This mod for Final Fantasy 7 Remake allows you to customize the protagonists on PC

Final Fantasy 7 Remake It was one of the games that marked the past 2020 and with the arrival of Intergrade and its rugged version for PC has also starred, in a certain way, in this 2021 that we are about to dismiss.

As we have told you, the PC version of the remake was released a few weeks ago with a few glitches performance and few graphics options but, nevertheless, next to it mods or community creations also arrive that allow us to enjoy the game in very different ways.

For example, today we have a mod that we allows you to customize the appearance of the protagonists, being able to choose the hair or eye color of Cloud, Tifa or Barret as well as make some other adjustments to their visual appearance simply by pressing a button.

Currently the mod pAllows you to retouch the appearance of Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, RedXIII, and Yuffie. To install it we must download it from this link and have another mod called 3dmigoto installed (you can get it here) that allows us to add certain visual characteristics to the Square Enix remake.

Troubled performance on PC

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the comebacks dreamed of by video game players although, on PC, your version has not started on the right foot due to the few graphic options that we talk about in our impressions as well as various performance issues reported by many gamers over the past few weeks.

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