Wednesday, July 6

They create a machine to do hand massages to gamers

Bauhutte is a well-known Japanese gaming products company that has created all kinds of rarities for gamers. gamers like a gamer bed and even a gaming mattress that went on sale last September.

Apparently these and other products have sold well in Japan because now the same company is back on the attack with one of the most particular peripherals we have ever seen, a machine created to warm and massage the hands of gamers.

This new device is the Hand Massager (clever!) and according to its creators it is specially designed to treat the hands of shooters on PCs, which are the ones that suffer the most stress due to the rapid movements made with the keyboard and the mouse. This appliance is equipped with 15 air cushions designed to eliminate fatigue and tiredness of each of the fingers and the palm of our hands, being able to choose between three different intensities and two different circuits, one dedicated to our entire hand and another that focuses on our fingers.

A heater to prepare for departure

In addition, the Hand Massager (clever!) Also incorporates a warmer for our hands that Bauhutte recommends using to warm up before playing, while the rest of the functions, depending on the brand, are indicated to relax between games or as a “cool down” routine after a long gaming session. Bauhutte is going to release this device to massage the hands of players in Japan although, at the moment, we do not have a confirmed price.

Beyond how strange a machine of this type for players seems to us, the truth is that it is quite important stretching during our breaks after long gaming sessions, especially if we play on PC and stress a lot joints such as the wrist. In fact, not a few professional players have suffered an injury due to their high level of competitive demands.

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