Saturday, June 25

The latest Tomb Raider trilogy available for free for PC on the Epic Games Store

The end of 2021 is near, there is only one day left for us to say goodbye to this year and, while we wait to say goodbye, Epic Games He gives us for the last time a gift from 17:00 in the afternoon in Spain, allowing us to increase our library of titles in his store, Epic Games Store.

Today as the final culmination to say goodbye to the year the gift is triple since we can get the latest Tomb Raider trilogue that allows us to enjoy the latest adventures of Lara Croft in a “series” that began in 2013 and that has allowed us to enjoy three games that, together, are valued at 89,97 euros and what can we get completely free until January 6 in the Epic Games store.

Get Tomb Raider for free on the Epic Games Store.
Get Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary Edition for free on the Epic Games Store.
Obtener Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition gratis en Epic Games Store.

A great reboot for a saga much loved by gamers

From the first installment of this Tomb Raider triloga We tell them that finally, Lara Croft “I had a game to match again what you deserve, uA reinvention of the series in every wayBoth for the character, now more human and credible, and for the gameplay, much more action-oriented, with a very intense and spectacular development, more suitable for all audiences “.

For its part its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider is “> a great adventure that does not disappoint and that gives us just what we want: a cocktail of playable ingredients very well combined and executed that result in a very varied, long and, above all, very fun game“.

If we look at the latest installment of the triloga, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, we are “in view of a great game with which we had a great time. Eidos Montreal has done a very good job “which” is not perfect, but in general it is at a great level, and little that you will enjoy with the previous deliveries, you cannot miss it“.

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