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Sean Astin still wants justice for Barb from Stranger Things

Exclusive: Sean Astin doesn’t think his Stranger Things character Bob needs justice, but he supports the missing but not forgotten Barb.

Strange things Star Sean Astin doesn’t need justice for his character Bob, but he thinks Barb still deserves it. These days, fans of Netflix’s hit paranormal series are eagerly awaiting news about the long-awaited season 4. Originally expected to premiere sometime in 2021, Strange things season 4 had its production heavily interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. It endured numerous starts and stops from the time it began in spring 2020, and Netflix has confirmed that it will finally premiere sometime in 2022. Fans will finally close the cliffhanger from the end of Strange things season 3, which revealed that Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbor) is alive and detained in a Russian prison camp.

That story will surely be resolved in season 4, but it remains to be seen if another long-running issue will be closed. Since then Strange things‘Opening season in 2016, fans have clamored for Shannon Purser’s Barb for justice. Nancy Wheeler’s shy and caring friend was one of the first victims of the Upside Down, and even though she only had a small role in Strange things In general, fans have become especially passionate about Barb somehow getting justice.

Those who still call for “Justice for Barb” can count Astin among their ranks. Juice Mobile I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Astin in honor of The Lord of the rings’20 anniversary and gave his character Bob a recognition. However, when the idea for “Justice for Bob” was presented to him, Astin politely objected and turned his attention to Barb. He said:

Bob loves you. Nerd. This is the thing. Bob had justice. The death of a hero died. Barb, nobody knows what the hell happened.

We need justice for Barb! We can have a statue for Bob, some kind of hero… Maybe I’ll ride a horse or something to recognize… Rename the Hawkins school after him or something. But he had… What is justice?

Bob Newby from Astin appeared in Strange things season 2. As Joyce Byers’s boyfriend, Bob won over audiences with his sweet and nerdy nature. Yet despite being a wonderful addition to the ensemble, Bob died while ensuring that Joyce and several others were able to escape Hawkins Lab during a pivotal sequence. His sacrifice is easily one of Strange things‘most heartbreaking moments, and it’s easy to say that he deserves some kind of justice for what he did.

However, Astin is correct in saying that Bob had a hero ending, so he doesn’t need much more. Meanwhile, Barb has apparently been forgotten by many. It says a lot about Barb as a character who made an impact on audiences with so little screen time, and perhaps to honor that, she may receive some kind of recognition. If rumors of Strange things Coming to a close with season 5 proving to be true, giving Barb justice in the later seasons of the show could be an emotional way of bringing things back to where the show began. It remains to be seen if Strange things She’ll ever honor Barb in a way that fans approve of, but maybe if enough people continue to make their voices heard, it could happen.

Strange things Season 4 will premiere in 2022 on Netflix.

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