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REPORT: Rare’s New Obsidian and Everwild Game Experience Different Realities | Levelup

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Xbox’s strong bet for this new generation is on Xbox Game Studios and all the projects that are being developed by all the teams that make up this first-party division. One of those titles is about the new Obsidian Entertainment work, while another is the one announced Everwild of Rare, which has caused a lot of expectation after the success of Sea of Thieves. However, it seems that both projects are experiencing different realities and it is likely that one of them is still a long way off.

Project Missouri it’s going from strength to strength, but Everwild it’s a disaster

Jeff Grubb, journalist for Venturebeat and insider Shpeshal Nick participated in a new edition of the Xbox Era podcast (via Wccftech), where they talked about some projects that are in development at Xbox Game Studios. Initially, these personalities referred to Project Missouri, the new Obsidian game that is defined as a detective game with a combination of styles and mechanics from Disco-Elysium, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas Y Pillars of Eternity. According to Grubb, this game will take place in 16th century Europe and its development is on the right track, so it is very likely that we can play it in 2022.

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Apparently, Everwild has lost its way

However, things would be different for Everwild, the new game from Rare whose rumors indicate that this year saw the restart of its development. In that sense, Grubb and Shpeshal Nick pointed out that the project is a disaster, ensured its restart and mentioned that the same team in charge of its creation does not know what to do, so it is feared that the creative process has lost its way.

They also mentioned that although it is considered that the rumors about Everwild They are exaggerated, it is not like that, as sources insist that the project is a disaster and its restart implies that we would see it, if it is not canceled, until 2024.

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