Wednesday, December 7

Remedy Signs Agreement With Tencent For A Co-Op Multiplayer Title Codenamed Vanguard

Remedy Entertainment has been devoted to the experiences of one gamer for the past several years, from Max Payne to Alan Wake to Control. However, the company seems to move into the multiplayer realm in the future, and has teamed up with Chinese titan Tencent for a little extra help interacting with Asian markets.

In an announcement to investors on your website, Remedy revealed that it had signed a “global development, license and distribution agreement” with Tencent for an upcoming title, currently codenamed Vanguard. The game is described as a “free and cooperative PvE shooter game,” released for PC and consoles, that seeks to combine the company’s previously demonstrated storytelling prowess with engaging multiplayer action.

The two companies will apparently share the development costs of the game, with Tencent covering the costs of publishing and localization in “select Asian markets” and Remedy handling the rest of its worldwide distribution. Tencent is also covering development and distribution costs for a mobile version of Vanguard.

Even aside from the deal with Tencent, Remedy’s shift towards handling publishing responsibilities for the game itself is a new development of its own. All of the studio’s previous games have had the help of publications like Microsoft, Rockstar, and 505 Games. Taking on the burden of publishing and distribution is certainly a testament to the growth and success of the company and the new risks it is willing to take.

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