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Paris Hilton will hold a concert in the Roblox metaverse and sell merchandise | Levelup

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Maybe when you think about Roblox The first thing that comes to mind is an exploitation tool that has your cousins ​​hooked. However, there are those who see it only think about business. Such is the case of Paris Hilton, heir to millionaires and former star of television shows, who will give a virtual concert.

Hilton, no longer the popular culture icon that she was in the early 2000s, works as a DJ and party entertainer. It is a job that he does very well and that is why he gets to charge up to $ 1 million dollars per night and has had events in Ibiza, Dubai and China.

It seems that the real world is too small for the millionaire. What happens is that this New Year will celebrate it in Roblox with an electronic music set that will take place on its own virtual island called Paris World.

Paris World will be an island in Roblox which, in addition to offering a concert, will allow users to visit replicas of the millionaire’s properties, as well as sections inspired by her wedding. This whole place can be explored in a luxury car or on a yacht. It is worth mentioning that in this place virtual goods such as garments will be for sale and money can also be spent on different activities.

“For me the metaverse is a place where you can do everything you do in real life in the digital world. Not everyone can experiment like this, so that’s what we’ve been doing for the last year, ”explained Hilton.

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Hilton is one of the many celebrities and brands who are seeing the metaverse of Roblox as a business opportunity. Companies like Chipotle, Nike and Gucci have offered promotions or products in this virtual space. This is a little taste of how the metaverse will work in the future when more brands are involved.

What do you think about this new? Did you imagine that Paris Hilton knew Roblox? Tell us in the comments.

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