Wednesday, July 6

Mutan Insight is hiring for a great PS5 RPG remake

It may be that the name of Mutant Insight sounds unknown to you, since it is a Japanese studio that does not create games as such but is in charge of giving support to other developers to complete their projects. For example, over the past few years they have worked on DLC for Final Fantasy XV, in character models of Atelier Y Blue Reflection o en Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

Now, this Japanese team is embarking on what could be their most important work since, as we can read in Gematsu, they have begun to hire staff for a “remake of a high-quality RPG for PS5, requiring several 3D designers and a two-dimensional character designer for this.

What there is no news, at least for now, is what game could the remake that, according to the job offer, will use the graphic engine Unreal Engine 5 by Epic Games. Considering that the offer speaks of a high-level RPG and that Mutan Insight has previously worked with Square Enix, perhaps they will collaborate in some way with Final Fantasy VII Remake Parte 2, although this is outright speculation.

Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS Plus can now be updated to the PS5 version

While we find out (probably in a long time) which remake Mutan Insight is working on, remember that since last Wednesday those of you who have the versin de Final Fantasy VII Remake para PlayStation Plus You can now update it to the PS5 for free if you have the new Sony console.

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