Friday, July 1

Lake puts a date on its physical edition on PlayStation • Console and Dashboard

Meridiem Games prepares a new physical edition. This time, it’s about Lake, an interactive adventure set in 1986 in Oregon. We will move through an open world in which it is defined as a driving simulator.


This point and click adventure stars Meredith Weiss, who decides to take a break from her professional career in the city. It will be time to visit the town of his childhood and, incidentally, replace his father as a delivery man for two weeks.

The room, which leaves behind mobile phones and the Internet, is full of encounters with familiar faces and with new people. The driving takes place through the beautiful forests of Oregon, delivering packages to quirky locals with their own personalities.

Among the activities to do in free time we find going out with friends, helping the neighbors or enjoying a novel. After two weeks, you must decide if you return to your old life or if you stay in Providence Oaks. In the words of those responsible, there are no right or wrong endings. It will be on March 23 when its physical edition arrives on PS4 and PS5. We must bear in mind that this title has been optimized for the new console.

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