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How Dexter Season 9 Will End: All Theories

The season of Dexter: New Blood is drawing to a close, and audiences have many theories about how Season 9 will end for Dexter and Harrison.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Dexter: new blood episode 8.

Showtime’s Right handed Season 9 will soon be coming to an end, and there are many plausible theories as to how New blood will finish. Considering Dexter: new blood was initially touted as a redo like Right handedhated the season 8 finale, audiences expect a lot from the Right handed season 9 finale. With Harrison’s Dark Passenger, Angela spotting Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Kurt trying to kill both Dexter and Harrison, all contributing to the later episodes of New blood, Right handed Season 9 could end with a variety of shocking results.

Public trust was re-deposited Dexter: New Blood to redeem season 8 ending with the announcement that original showrunner Clyde Phillips would return to write and direct Right handedRestart series. Phillips wrote the first four seasons of Right handedthe original series, which is overwhelmingly regarded as the show’s best era. With Phillips and Dexter actor Michael C. Hall stating that their comebacks were partly due to the unsatisfactory ending of Right handed season 8, New blood was designed with the opportunity to excel in a closing of the Dexter Morgan story. Additionally, Clyde Phillips explained that Dexter: new bloodThe ending was one of the best writings of this entire career, and the “shocking” Y “inevitable“Final would be”exploit internet. “

Expectations of Dexter: new bloodThe ending is high, and many fans seem to think they’ve already figured out how Right handed season 9 will conclude. While most theories for Dexter: new bloodThe ending surrounds whether Dexter will survive, whether Harrison will become a serial killer, and the possibility of Angela exposing Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher, viewers differ on which resolutions would make the most sense for the 15-year story. What Right handed season 9 is nearing its end, here’s a breakdown of each theory on how Right handed: New blood will finish.

Dexter sacrifices himself to save Harrison

Since then Dexter: new blood By the end of Episode 1, Dexter has made it clear that he desperately wants to protect Harrison. Dexter was unable to act as a father for the past decade, and his redemption by caring for his son will likely end in the ultimate sacrifice. It has long been theorized that Dexter will die in New bloodThe ending, and the way this happens that makes the most sense is an act that protects Harrison. New bloodThe main theme has been parenthood, and the title of the final episode is even “Sins of the Father,” suggesting that teenage Harrison Morgan will once again be in danger due to Dexter’s sins. Since Kurt is still running free at the end of New blood Episode 8, it is possible that he works to kill Harrison and Dexter for good, leaving Dexter with the fatal choice to sacrifice himself so that Harrison can live.

Harrison and Dexter will work together to kill Kurt

Dexter will want to protect Harrison and keep him away from the dangerous (and immoral) life of a serial killer, but he also felt relief and joy when he and Harrison connected by having dark desires and being “born in blood. Since Kurt already tried to kill Harrison and capture Dexter in episode 8, the Morgans will have to make a decision on how to proceed to take down. New bloodFugitive assassin. Dexter had already resolved that he needed to kill Kurt, and now that Harrison knows how vile he is, he will hardly have reservations to put him on his table. By connecting with his dark impulses, Harrison and Dexter can work together to capture and kill Kurt in New bloodThe final episode as revenge. Dexter can normally stop Harrison from violent actions, but taking down the serial killer who nearly killed him would be a reasonable exception. Additionally, Dexter enjoyed having this bond with his son, as dark and twisted as it may be, so they can come together as a father-son team to defeat Kurt while Dexter passes on their knowledge to Harrison.

Dexter will teach the code to Harrison

Many have theorized that New bloodThe finale will show Dexter passing on his secret hobbies and teaching Harrison. Right handedIt’s Code of Harry, but this ending wouldn’t be shocking as Clyde Phillips has proclaimed it to be the ending, as has been hinted at all along. Furthermore, it would go against Dexter’s vision to break the cycle and prevent his son from becoming the killer monster Harry trained him for. While Dexter tends to explain to Harrison that he is a serial killer and that his father taught him the Code to channel his impulses, it is unlikely that he would train Harrison to be a murderer in the same way, considering that Dexter himself admitted that Harry’s Code was child abuse. . Dexter was reluctantly happy to understand that his son also had a Dark Passenger, but this is mainly because he gives them a bond and a connection. Dexter is unlikely to want to subject his son to the same dangerous lifestyle he escaped from for the previous 10 years. Dexter: new bloodtimeline.

Dexter is arrested as the Bay Harbor butcher

Since Angela found out that New blood‘s “Jim LindsayIt was actually Dexter Morgan, the show has been hinting that she would discover her most notorious identity as the Bay Harbor butcher. Angela connected Dexter’s Bay Harbor Butcher drug from the original series with the ketamine sedatives in Iron Lake, revealing that she is the closest to confusing Dexter’s serial killer’s past. The notion that Dexter was revealed as the Bay Harbor butcher was also hinted at by the role of true crime podcaster Molly Park on the series, as she has expert knowledge on the case and Trinity’s killer. Instead of ending New blood With Dexter’s death, arresting him as the Bay Harbor butcher after nearly two decades of evading capture would be a fitting conclusion to the series. At the same time, his arrest would leave the door open for his return, as Dexter’s story won’t really end until he’s dead.

Harrison kills Angela before she can expose Dexter

Dexter: new blood Episode 8 showed that Angela now only has to make one or two more connections to confirm that Dexter Morgan is the Butcher of Bay Harbor, suggesting that she will try to expose her past for last. Considering that Harrison’s obscurity has been heightened by his father’s absence over the past decade and he himself has his own killing impulses, many have theorized that Harrison will kill Angela because he doesn’t want to lose Dexter again. Angela’s death in Right handed: New Blood‘sending It would probably be a suspense if the series were extended into a second season, as it would possibly establish Dexter and Harrison as a killer tag team. On the other hand, Harrison killing Angela would be a wake-up call for Dexter because it doesn’t fit the code, it would only prevent Dexter from getting caught. While this Right handed The season 9 finale would be shocking, as Clyde Phillips has proclaimed, it would go against Dexter’s vision to break the cycle and prevent his son from becoming the murderous monster that Harry trained him to be.

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