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Horizon Forbidden West details its progression system in abilities, weapons and armor

Horizon Forbidden West launches on February 18 and little by little Guerrilla Games is revealing new details about its open-world action RPG. The Game Informer publication includes a multitude of new details about some of the new enemies, such as Slitherfang, or the system of progress and learning of abilities for Aloy, its protagonist.

Forbidden West not only improve the action part with new moves to climb the stage or fight humans and robots, but empowers the role-playing part with a much more varied skill tree than its predecessor. There will be six different playstyles in which to progress: Warrior focuses on close range attacks, Trapper improves cheating-related skills, Survivor focuses on increasing health and resource gathering, Infiltration improves stealth, Huntress focuses on the enemy. bow and ranged attacks, while Machine Mistress deals with robot hacking and enemy related aspects.

Although the player can go a single route and unlock all upgrades of a type, Forbidden West do not force to use a specific style. There are between 20 and 30 skills per tree and each style has its Surge Value; Valor Surge moves are unique and powerful abilities that knock back the enemy, as demonstrated in one of the gameplay videos, but the player must choose the asset at all times.

Armor will also affect abilities

Although the progress will not be much different from other games with unlocking skills by points, this time Appearances and armor can enhance certain specific abilities to push them to the limit.. For example, a high-level armor increases abilities by 300%, so choosing the right equipment will be more important than ever. Another option is to invest more points in an ability to enhance its power.

Ms interaccin with compaeros

Other details that the publication reveals is that there will be a greater number of battles with fellow NPC, and sometimes they will help us by providing ammunition. Acid arrows are also mentioned, but it is not clear whether to consider a new type of element or just add some special effect.

Horizon Forbidden West abilities, weapons and progress

Cities will include a battle pit in which to test skills and learn new combos. The side quests have been improved to be more important, not only in narrative but also with better weapon or armor rewards.

Weapon and armor upgrade

Forbidden West give a lot priority to the improvement of the equipment and the procurement of parts: When you want to improve weapons or armor you will have to look for a specific component. The basic bow has three upgrade levels and each time you level up the stats improve and perhaps add new types of ammunition; Instead of buying rare bows to access these arrows, upgrading weapons is now recommended.

Similarly, clothing can be improved 3 or 5 times, achieving new resistances and skill upgrades, such as health regeneration.

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