Saturday, June 25

‘Headhunter’, with Vicky Alonso, wins the MARCA Award

‘Headhunter’ has been the winner of the award MARK disputed on Thursday afternoon at the racecourse of The Zarzuela. The horse trained by Juan Luis Maroto was ridden by Vicky Alonso, in a new demonstration of the young Spanish jockey, who with the two triumphs achieved in the last meeting of the year adds 27 triumphs in Spain, a figure never reached in a year by any woman in the Spanish racetracks.

Juan Ignacio Gallardo placeholder image, director of MARK, gave the trophy to Marcelino Alonso (father and son), owner of the Palco 7 block and who was a manager of Real Madrid with Lorenzo Sanz. ‘Headhunter’ arrived in Spain in the first months of 2020 with the aim of competing in the three-year grand prix, but it did not give enough courage. His coach changed his strategy and the move to the fiber and the sand has been decisive for him to achieve the fourth triumph of his history, third in Spain.

In the right moment

To the son of ‘Vendome Style’ It cost him to get going, but not for that Vicky alonso, cousin of Marcos Alonso (Spanish international and European champion with Chelsea), niece of former player Marcos, sister of Cesar Alonso (amateur rider world champion) and daughter of Cesar Alonso (coach and ex-professional at Rayo), rushed into the mount. He waited for his moment, until well into the straight, to present his attack and win the prize MARK, hndicap unfolded in the first part.

‘As de Oros’, the promising ‘Portalma’, ‘Karluvy’ (finally winner after 19 races) and ‘Legionario’, in a new exhibition on fiber, complete the list of winners of the last event of the year with horse races, those that will be back on January 9, Dos Sisters

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