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Halo Infinite: they discover an unfinished secret scene in the game code | Levelup

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Halo Infinite It already debuted several weeks ago and you have probably already seen its end multiple times. Surely you were wanting to see more and that is why you will be struck by knowing they discovered a secret and unfinished scene.

As reported Windows Central, in the code of Halo Infinite what appears to be a movie scene meant to be played mid-credits was uncovered. What has caught the attention of many is that it is a moment that paints to be important so it could be a clue for the future of Halo Infinite.

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Warning: possible spoilers for Halo Infinite

But what the heck is what appears on the scene? It is a sequence of just over 30 seconds long that is very reminiscent of the beginning of Halo Infinite. In it we can see Esparza, the pilot we meet at the beginning of the adventure, alert the Master Chief about the presence of a UNSC tag.

You can see the scene below:

As you could see, this is a short and mysterious segment, but it seems to indicate that the Master Chief will have a new ally in Halo Infinite. It is speculated that the tag could refer to some character that we have not seen in the campaign such as Spartan Locke or Commander Sarah Palmer.

It is striking that 343 Industries has decided to leave this scene in the code of Halo Infinite. It is precisely the above that makes many think that it is a clue of future content and not discarded material. Of course, there is always the possibility that we are wrong and that it is the latter.

As of this writing, 343 Industries has not commented on this scene. We will be on the lookout and we will inform you if they announce something about it.

Halo Infinite It is available now for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. You can learn more about the new Master Chief adventure by clicking here.

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