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GameStop PS5 restocking arrives today: time and stores to get yours

In what could be the last PS5 restock in the 2021 store, some GameStop stores have PS5 consoles available to buy today. This will almost certainly be your last chance to get a PS5 in person this year.

GameStop has updated its store locator tool, which allows you to verify if your local retailer will participate in this replenishment. Please note that not all GameStop locations will have stock, so be sure to check ahead to avoid disappointment.

Also, this PS5 in-store refill is for PowerUp Rewards Pro members only. You can Register in GameStop through this link. News of this resupply originally came from the console’s tracker, Lord Resupply.

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This PS5 restocking will start from each individual store’s opening time (which could be 8 a.m. local time), but expect anxious shoppers to start lining up for the console much earlier, especially since this could be your one. Last chance to get a PS5 Console in 2021.

As it is now the standard with GameStop PS5 refills, the console will only be available in bundles. GameStop bundles are generally sold at face value and include a PS5 disc console, an additional DualSense controller, one or two of the best PS5 games, a third-party controller charging dock, and a $ 50 GameStop gift card. GameStop always charges the combined retail price of the items within its packages, so it will not increase the price.

If you don’t live near a GameStop, or prefer to shop for a console online in the New Years, be sure to bookmark our PS5 restock center for the latest updates for the next few weeks. We can’t guarantee you a machine, but it will help make the job of tracking a next-gen console a little more manageable.

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How to become a PowerUp Rewards Pro member

In early June, GameStop announced that it is changing the way it handles console refueling. You will give the first dibs to your PowerUp Rewards Pro members. Although there is a free tier, only Pro members will get early access to refills. Membership starts at $ 14.99 per year and includes benefits such as a Game Informer subscription, $ 5 per month reward coupons ($ 60 total / year), 10% additional business credit on games / accessories, and a welcome certificate. $ 5. If you sign up today, you will have access to resupply.

PS5 resupply tracker: stores to check

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