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Free Fire will receive 2022 with Alpine, its new and long-awaited map | Levelup

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The popularity of Free Fire It keeps growing, making it one of the most successful mobile titles of the year. Garena wants to thank her community with a great launch to start 2022 with everything. In a matter of no time, players will be able to enjoy pitched battles on a new map.

In addition, the company shared a small look at what the next Elite Pass of its Battle Royale will offer and revealed what the attractive reward will be for getting it in pre-sale. Just keep in mind that this opportunity will be over soon.

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When will Alpine, the new map of Free Fire?

In case you don’t know, Alpine was originally a peaceful area where a fishing village was built. However, the situation changed when it became a military base during the Winter War.

If you are excited to see every corner of the map and have exciting battles, consider that Alpine will debut this week. Its release in Classic and Ranked mode is expected early on January 1.

That day will begin the so-called New Era, which will bring with it special events and thematic content. Players who log in on the first day of the year will receive an adorable Yeti pet as a gift.

Games in Alpine will reward players with Magic Cube Shards, which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards. Below is a trailer that shows the new map and the Yeti:

Reveal the first look at the next Elite Pass of Free Fire

Through social media, Garena revealed that the new Elite Pass Free Fire it will have an alien theme. In addition, everything indicates that there will be rewards and very colorful cosmetic content during the next few days.

Players have until tomorrow, December 31, to pre-order the pass and thus obtain a prize: the great Robotic Ship Table. The company reported that the Battle Royale will be invaded very soon.

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Free Fire is available for iOS and Android devices. Look for all the news related to the title in this link.

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