Wednesday, July 6

Diego and Camila, like the game of the goose but … from snogging to snogging and I stick my tongue to the bell

Diego, a 33-year-old animation coordinator from Ibiza who is becoming a jeweler and who considers himself a spiritual boy who believes a lot in the dharma, which means that you do not do to anyone what you would not like them to do to you and that If you do, you know that it can happen to you, he has come this Thursday to ‘First Dates’ Searching for love. More specifically, in search of a “sincere, ambitious and healthy” woman, three characteristics that he puts before the physical appearance because it “has already passed into the background”.

Camila, a 25-year-old waitress from Mar del Plata who lives in Almera and who arrived in Spain approximately eight months ago with the intention of putting down roots in our country. Calm of character until she explodes, she has been surprised by the effusive way of greeting her date, who has given her two kisses and a heartfelt hug, since she defines herself as a colder person. The first but that the Argentine has found is that despite the fact that she is short, he is even shorter than her.

During dinner, Diego has given to Camila with a small detail made by himself: a necklace with an orgonite to protect it from electromagnetic contamination caused by microwaves or WiFi. The gift has pleased and surprised the Argentine, who has found another but: her date is Gminis, like her ex-partner, and she is very similar to him. Although he sees it as very safe and believes that he will give everything if they start a relationship, he does not know if that will work for or against in the future.

After dinner, Diego Y Camila They have left the table and have gone to the booth of the restaurant of love, where they have played a fun game that consists of taking out a paper and doing what is put on it. The first to take a role was her, and she had to give him a movie kiss. After some doubts, both have passionately kissed. Then it was his turn, he had to give her a snogging. Said and done. Again, the tongue to the bell. Predictably, despite the buts of Camila with DiegoBoth have decided to go on a second date.

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